Company Reports


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ICP's proprietary information is gathered on a case by case basis by analysts to provide you with COVID related operational and payment status, credit limit, trade assessment, full owner, linked entity, parent, operational, legal and other risk information. Please see below for the full research. We encourage clients using the information for credit risk to provide a maximum credit limit for ICP analyst opinion.

ICP has an extensive historic database which is used for report validation, benchmarking and data metrics.

Information is obtained via several means, in all cases interviews with the subject and desktop research. Further information is obtained as appropriate from our own contracts within Chambers of Commerce, Registries, Shipping Agencies and other federal, government or official sources, as well as other ‘softer’ sources of information that can enhance overall subject risk understanding.


Proprietary aspects of the ICP product comprise the following details which are usually included in all reports:

Ownership and Management

Including company name, contact, website, email, previous company names if applicable, trading styles, trading names, address.

Senior Company Personnel

  • All senior directors and employees
  • Titles and any other relevant information including mobile numbers if applicable
  • Nationality
  • Total employees split subject and group

Legal Status and History

  • Registry information
  • Date of incorporation, age of company, modifications of share capital and shareholders, takeovers, mergers, winding-up etc
  • Shareholders
  • Principle or parent companies and subsidiaries, full registration details / trade licence information, VAT number and any other unique identifiers
  • Affiliated companies
  • If applicable information on the affiliated companies


  • COVID-19 impact to trading, personnel, imports, exports, use of stimulus support and other related risk
  • Payment history
  • Size of company
  • Overall Credit Appraisal
  • Opinion on Maximum Credit (COVID-19 assessed)
  • Trade risk assessment
  • Complaints

Significant changes

  • If applicable information on significant company changes
  • Change of ownership, merger, shareholder activity etc

Public Record Information

  • If applicable any information regarding legal procedures, commercial court actions, liens
  • Full sanctions and persons of interest searches are performed and stated

Principal Bankers

  • Name
  • Branch
  • Address
  • Telephone

Financial Information

  • Key financial Data
  • Profit and Loss
  • Consolidated Financial Information if available
  • Financial year end
  • Secured charges if available


  • COVID-19 operational changes
  • Business activity and detail (import / export, regions, NACE code)
  • Markets in which they operate, information about product or service
  • Clients and Suppliers if applicable
  • Payment terms


  • Premises including status of ownership, leased, rented
  • Size
  • Terms of contract if known
  • Fleet information if applicable

Registered office

Branch Offices

Commercial Court Judgments (specific regions)

Market & Regional risk related information
– including COVID-19 summaries and country stimulus packages



All research, investigations and interviews are carried out by a global network of experienced investigators and native speakers.

All our researchers have extensive experience of all market sectors and types of companies – ranging from SME’s, Sole Proprietorships, Large complex public companies to Offshore entities.

ICP also boasts a London-based team of multi-lingual, multinational credit-reporting analysts who add another level of ‘macro-economic’ knowledge and intelligence to locally sourced information.

Information is obtained via several means but principally through interviews with the subject and through desktop research. Further information is obtained as appropriate from our own contracts within the chambers of commerce, registries, shipping agencies and other governmental or official sources which enhance the overall subject risk understanding.

Our researchers are financially trained for ABC / Compliance risks and are fully educated in financial reporting. All reports are independently tested and reviewed by our senior analysts before being sent to the client.

Unrivalled Database

ICP has unrivalled database coverage for our regions of expertise which is matched by the depth and insight gained via repeated personal contact with subject companies. The research for our core expertise regions is undertaken by ICP's own multi-lingual, native researchers located in the region and overseen by our Senior analysts located in our London office.

ICP has an extensive historic database which is used for report validation and metrics. ICP has the capacity to provide extensive historic data, including shareholder information, where possible.